: Shocking statistics of non-battle casualties of Ukraine's army

17:30 Jun. 11, 2016

Shocking statistics of non-battle casualties of Ukraine's army

Non-combat death toll in Ukrainian army hits almost 1300 since the start of war (UNIAN photo)

Accidents, suicides and diseases top the list 

Nearly 3,000 Ukrainian soldiers were killed during two years of war in eastern Ukraine. The non-combat death toll is also extremely high and has already hit 1,294 servicemen.

This number was revealed by Anatoly Matios, the Deputy Prosecutor General of Ukraine and the Chief Military Prosecutor.

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The high mortality rate among Ukrainian military is mostly caused by diseases. However, accidents, alcohol poisoning, drug overdose, murders and suicides are also among the main causes of the tragic losses in the Ukrainian army, Matios stressed.

'The non-combat deaths occurred for the following reasons: traffic accidents – 112 cases; poisonings, including drug and alcohol overdose – 96 cases; suicides – 259 cases; premeditated murders – 121 cases; accidents: injuries, traumas – 148 cases; violations of the fire safety rules and rules of handling weapons and ammunition – 111 cases; violation of the safety measures – 40 cases; diseases – 405 cases; other circumstances – 2 cases,' the chief military prosecutor said.

Speaking about high mortality rate due to various diseases, Matios highlighted the poor quality of medical examination during the military draft campaign.

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As previously reported, the current Secretary of the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov named May the ‘dark month', because of the high number of losses in the army.

In his opinion, it means that Russia is not going to carry out the peace settlement plan. On the contrary, Kremlin is doing its best to disrupt the plan, and also is working on new military technologies and planning new land operations, Turchynov stated.


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