: Six and a half decades of happiness
Society18:48 May. 24, 2016

Six and a half decades of happiness

Ukrainian couple says they're just as in love today as on the day of their wedding

A story that will make you believe in love. This couple is just as happy together now as they were sixty-five years ago. And the Oleksa's aren't afraid to share their secrets to a long-lasting relationship.

Mr. Ivan Oleksa brings his wife flowers every day. He says it's important to make Mariya smile.

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The flowers grow in the garden that he tends to himself. The secret is to wake up before his wife does, that way she gets her beauty sleep and he looks after the plants.

Ivan Oleksa, husband: "I wake up early, have to check everything, every apple tree, every flower that's growing there. I love it."

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Aside from gifting a bouquet of fresh flowers every day, Ivan shares another secret to a happy marriage. Dancing. He and his wife love to dance everything from waltz to polka. They say they've danced at least at a hundred wedding together. But they both admit they went through difficult times too. The key is finding a compromise.

Mariya Oleksa, wife: "There's nothing to complain about, we've had our tough times but overcame them."

Mariya and Ivan's children say their parents always managed to find a solution to any problem without having to argue with each other. In just a few months the couple will celebrate their 65th marriage anniversary. Both of them say it will be a celebration of six and a half decades of happiness.

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