Spec op video: Spec op footage of capturing traitors released by Ukrainian Intel

19:44 Nov. 22, 2016

Spec op footage of capturing traitors released by Ukrainian Intel

SBU spec op footage screenshot

Head of the Special Service of Ukraine revealed the operation details

In the course of a special operation of the Counterintelligence Department of the Security Service of Ukraine, two former Ukrainian servicemen who broke their oath and defected to the Russian Army have been detained, SBU Head Vasyl Hrytsak said during a briefing.

"Defectors were detained near the Chonhar checkpoint, at the administrative border of occupied Crimea", he stressed.

According to Gen. Hrytsak, SBU received information that the traitors attempted to conduct corrupt scheme and illegally get certain documents in the Ukrainian territory for financial gain. They came to the Chonhar checkpoint, where a meeting with the carrier was to take place. By monitoring the moving of the carrier the law enforcers located the traitors. They were detained by the SBU officers during their stay in the territory controlled by the Ukrainian authorities.

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 Russia-issued documents of the traitors Baranov and Odintsov, detained by SBU

"Former Ukrainian servicemen knew that in 2015 criminal cases against them on charges of high treason had been launched. Final classification will be made by the investigators but the criminals as other servicemen who betrayed the state face up to 15 years of imprisonment", Vasyl Hrytsak mentioned.

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In addition, he once again stressed that the traitors were apprehended near Chonhar checkpoint in the territory under Ukrainian control. Also, according to the SBU Head, "the traitors didn't plan ‘fair' exchange of documents for money. They left the cash with the Russian border guard officers. It was planned to draw the carrier into the Russian territory, take the documents and hand him over to the FSB".

The two detained defectors were passed over to the military prosecutor's office. Investigative actions are in progress, SBU reports.

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