News from Ukraine: Spouse couple both hired to Ukraine's National Police
Society15:41 Aug. 9, 2016

Spouse couple both hired to Ukraine's National Police

Husband and wife take patrol shifts in turns to take care of their 6-year-old son 

A true police family of Boyarkivsky lives in the city of Rivne in western Ukraine.

Having once applied for joining the National Police service, both husband and wife qualified and were hired for work. Now Liubomyr and Ivanka choose different working shifts in order not to leave their 6-year-old son Yarema alone at home.

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It has been 100 days by now that both spouses have been hired to the National Police. Before that Liubomyr and Ivanka have been learning and training for half a year to pass a tremendous competition of 25 people for one place. No one however expected they both would succeed.

Ivanka Boyarkivska, police officer: "I was the first to be told I was chosen. In a while however my husband wrote to me he had been selected too. That was delight mixed with huge shock. At first we both thought how to take care of our kid and work at the same time."

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Yarema himself is very pleased that both his parents are police officers. He is eager to come to the police station where everyone shakes his hand. After his mother finishes the duty they both go for a dinner. Having eaten some soup, salad, and fish Ivanka and Yarema go home. Liubomyr, the father, is on the night shift today.

In the morning the woman takes over the shift from her husband. Each and every shift starts with singing the national anthem. Yarema is also eager to sing the solemn song.

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