: 'Stop Putin's War in Ukraine!' rallies staged in Europe, US, Canada

17:22 Jun. 12, 2016

'Stop Putin's War in Ukraine!' rallies staged in Europe, US, Canada

Photo courtesy - Viktoriya Shevchenko, Facebook

Activists urge the global community to increase pressure on Kremlin 

Nearly 100 Ukrainian and Bulgarian activists took part in the ''Stop Putin's War in Ukraine!' rally in Sofia, Bulgaria, on 11 June.

They called on Bulgaria as an EU member to confront the idea of easing sanctions against Russia as long as Moscow continued to support militants in Donbas and occupy Ukraine's Crimea, reports Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty.

On June 10-11, a number of EU countries as well as the United States, Canada and Ukraine held a campaign under the motto 'Stop Putin's War in Ukraine!'.

Participants picketed diplomatic missions and government buildings in countries of their residence to draw politicians' and diplomats' attention to the tense situation in eastern Ukraine.

Rally coordinator Irena von Burg (Switzerland) said, the Swiss participants also called on the European Parliament to force Kremlin to withdraw its troops from Ukraine and stop violence in the occupied Ukrainian territory and annexed Crimea.

Also, participants offered to strengthen the OSCE observation mission in Donbas and adjust its schedule to around-the-clock work. They thought the OSCE mission should control the Ukrainian-Russian border which is not under control of Kyiv.

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"We call on the European and world community to increase pressure on Russia to withdraw its troops from Ukraine's occupied regions. We also urge the European community to continue sanctions against Russia. If our demands are not heard and taken into account, Ukrainian activists of European organizations will be ready to go on a no-term hunger strike", said von Burg.

Residents of North American cities joined the campaign on June 11, Estonia and Italy held pro-Ukrainian rallies earlier this week.

Photo courtesy - Viktoriya Shevchenko, Facebook

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