: Sweden-Ukraine Business Forum 2016: Innovations are engine of growth
Society15:06 Jun. 16, 2016

Sweden-Ukraine Business Forum 2016: Innovations are engine of growth

The event was organized by the Swedish Embassy and Swedish Trade Council

During panel discussions, top level officials and experts from Ukraine and Sweden talked about the growth in mutual trade and what kinds of reforms should be carried out to enhance the two-way cooperation. In particular, panelists shared their vision of judicial and tax reforms that must be made by the Ukrainian government as well as innovations and innovative solutions for Ukraine during a transition period.

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"Growing Ukrainian economy through attracting Swedish investments and what we need to do when it comes to expanding our trade relations is to see progress when it comes to a rule of law and when it comes to judicial reform," Sweden's Ambassador to Ukraine Andreas von Beckerath says.

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Swedish companies demonstrated successful developments on the market. In the framework of the forum, their representatives in Ukraine held a specialized meeting where they suggested direct innovative ways of working.

The head of Ericsson Ukraine Wojciech Bajda told about the model of the metering system, already tested in other countries, that could save money for utility companies. Households around Ukraine would also be provided with better services. Metering checks can be performed remotely if meters operate as mobile devices. Subsequently, no need for manual checking.

"We start to extend the intelligent system of collection and analytics. Nowadays we have that kind of solutions implemented not only in Estonia but also in Italy," Head of Ericsson Ukraine Wojciech Bajda says.

"Smart meter itself may not be very expensive but then this smart meter has to have central solution to report all this data and someone has to read the data," he adds.

One of the Swedish companies actively working on the Ukrainian market is Electrolux. It has already expanded its activity in the country by building a factory in Ivano-Frankivsk region. The company's agenda for Ukraine is promising.

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"In terms of agenda of Electrolux, I must say that we have the agenda which is about sustainability, effectiveness and driven for result for Ukrainian consumers," Head of Electrolux Ukraine Oleksandr Kuzyk says.

"We always think about our future, about needs of our customers in current times and in future," Kuzyk adds.

Ukraine still has many challenges to cope with but such meetings prove that Kyiv can rely on strong partners like Sweden to reform the country adopting the latest innovative approaches in business and daily life.

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