'Scythian gold' in court: The future of 'Scythian gold' to be finally decided on Dec. 14
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The future of 'Scythian gold' to be finally decided on Dec. 14

A court hearing on a collection of gold from the Black Sea region museums took place in Amsterdam on October 5

A hearing on the future of the Scythian treasures, which had been taken from Crimea to the Netherland for an exhibition, started in an Amsterdam court on October 5. The final decision will be delivered on December 14.

From the Ukrainian side, representatives of the Justice Ministry, the Foreign Ministry and the Culture Ministry took part in the hearing. As the Culture Minister Yevhen Nishchuk said some members of the Ukrainian delegation couldn't get Dutch visas until the very last moment.

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The story behind the treasures goes like this. The showpieces from 4 Ukrainian museums in Crimea and one museum in Kyiv were taken to the Netherlands shortly before the ill-famed events on the Crimean peninsula. The exhibition, entitled "The Crimea: Gold and Secrets from the Black Sea", was held in 2014 at the Allard Pierson museum and featured almost 600 unique artefacts, namely, gold items, a scabbard and a ceremonial helmet plus countless precious gems.

However, the Dutch party returned only those, which were loaned from the museum in Kyiv. Those from Crimean are still in the Netherlands. And here, yet another party: The Russians became involved in the case claiming their right to the "Scythian gold" as well.

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Ukraine's National Museum is ready to accept the showpieces. But if the Amsterdam court decides not in Ukraine's favour, the Culture Minister says Ukraine will appeal the decision.

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