Chornobyl exclusion zone: Last Chornobyl residents about their life in exclusion zone
Society18:29 Oct. 19, 2016

Last Chornobyl residents about their life in exclusion zone

They are absolutely not frightened to eat radioactive vegetables from their gardens

They are afraid of nothing - either radiation or old age. They live in abandoned villages neighboring forests which are full of wolves and boars. And what is more frequent - the only residents in these villages.

The village of Opachychi in the Chornobyl exclusion zone. Before the disaster, it used to accommodate 600 people. Now, it has been reduced to only 4. Among them, Mariya Petrivna a sprightly 89-year-old. She loves waking up early so that she can visit her three other friends, who can barely walk.

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Mariya Petrivna, Chornobyl exclusion zone resident: Come inside so you can see how grandma lives. 

And surprisingly to everyone, she enjoys good health living in a radioactive area. She even chops logs herself and tends her garden.

In another village, Kupovate, there are more people residing there. 22 of them.

"Celebrating a birthday. 76"

On the table, Chornobyl tomatoes, mushrooms, and potatoes. Women are happy and say they've been celebrating for the second day in a row.

"Let's drink, guys, to the health of the birthday lady"

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For all these women, Chornobyl is calmness and carelessness. They had many friends of the same age who have already passed away, but not with radiation. Nervousness and stress were the main reason.

However, they have a problem, the problem is... there are no men around. They can rarely live to the time of senility. Because they like booze.

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