: The New Silk Road: Has Ukraine's bid to become a global trade hub proved successful?
Opinion12:13 Jan. 25, 2016

The New Silk Road: Has Ukraine's bid to become a global trade hub proved successful?

Deputy Minister Rutytska on the acheivements so far and challenges ahead

The Ukrainian government is upbeat about its new ‘Silk Road' transport route.

It takes goods to China whilst bypassing Russia. A first test shipment took 15 days to reach its destination rather than the planned 11.

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But officials say all issues will quickly be resolved. Ukraine is in the process of promoting the route among European Union member states.

Other countries could yet join. Negotiations with Poland and Austria are underway. Latvia, meanwhile, has already signed a memorandum of cooperation.

So can the new route be hailed as an unqualified success? Helping us answer that question in the Viewpoint studio was Vladyslava Rutytska, Ukraine's Deputy Minister on European Integration at the Ministry of Agriculture.

Watch UT's intreview with Vladyslava Rutytska: Ukraine's exports to benefit from new ‘Silk Road' bypassing Russia


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