First day of Maidan: The night Maidan was violently dispersed is commemorated today
Society18:33 Nov. 30, 2016

The night Maidan was violently dispersed is commemorated today

3 years ago, Berkut riot police beat peaceful protesters at Maidan which became a precursor for the revolutionary events

Tonight, about 20 people including those beaten by Berkut riot police back in 2013 have come together on the central square of Kyiv and shared their memories about those tragic hours.

Around 4 a.m. on November 30, 3 years ago, students protesting at Maidan Nezalezhnosti were viciously dispersed. Since then, people annually gather at the square to remember that day.

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"Satanic Berkut attacked us then, there were 350-400 of us, they were twice as many as there were of us"

Oksana still recalls that ill-fated night in her memory. And she couldn't help but come here today. Three years ago, Berkut heavily injured her head and severely hit her legs.

"It was so terrible that it's hard for me to remember it. People slowly forget what was happening here"

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At least 79 people were affected that day. It was a crucial moment in the Revolution of Dignity and the consciousness of Ukrainians.

"We called that day when Ukraine woke up. After the call of students, thousands of people started gathering at maidan. To protect their own dignity and the dignity of the country".

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