Poland-Ukraine: Those responsible for anti-Ukrainian vandalism to be punished – Polish Ambassador

19:38 Nov. 14, 2016

Those responsible for anti-Ukrainian vandalism to be punished – Polish Ambassador

Burning of Ukrainian flag in Warsaw, Nov. 11, 2016 (by social media)

Polish ambassador assures those guilty in anti-Ukrainian acts in Poland to be punished, but situation worsens

Jan Pieklo, Ambassador of the Republic of Poland to Ukraine, answering Ukraine Today's correspondent question on why officially Warsaw stays silent on massive anti-Ukrainian vandalism campaign in Poland. Pro-Russian far-right group Oboz Wielkiej Polski (OWS), known for its cooperation with Russian proxies in Donbas, since the beginning of Russian invasion to Ukraine organized at least 14 attacks on Ukrainian monuments and tombs.

"It will happen, it's a process, and I'm sure that these people, who are responsible for this act of vandalism, will be punished," Jan Pieklo assured after the public debate on Ukraine-Poland relations perspectiv, held in Kyiv last week.

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But on the very day of the discussion the situation worsened. Media reported that unidentified Polish nationalists during a march on the occasion of the 98th anniversary of independence burned the Ukrainian flag.

At first Poland's police tried to assure everyone that the flag was from Upper Silesia and not Ukrainian flag burned, but it caused a wave of mockery in social media.


Cheatnote for police with flags of Silesia and Ukraine (by Bartosz T. Wielinski / Twitter)

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After that the Polish President's and the government's offices responded with putting the responsibility for the burning of the Ukrainian flag during the "March of Independence" on its organizers, Ukrainska Pravda reports. Later Warsaw prosecutors announced it will investigate whether burning the Ukrainian flag is against the law.

Ukrainian Foreign Ministry sent a diplomatic note on this issue, and now Poland's MFA confirmed it received the note.


Poland's MFA spokesperson confirmation on receiving the Ukrainian diplomatic note (Twitter)

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