: Tiny Warsaw café opened by Ukrainians turns out to be a hit among locals
Society14:29 Apr. 14, 2016

Tiny Warsaw café opened by Ukrainians turns out to be a hit among locals

Customers say the business is doing well thanks to open and sincere owners

Ukrainian family has opened the smallest coffee shop in Warsaw, which is just 6 square meters. 

Oleg and Inna Yarovi did not aim to set this record. They were just seeking a place at for a good price for their cafe. But the small area has already become somewhat of a sales pitch for their espresso bar. Visitors like to take selfies here, and owners try to set their own records of a maximum number of people, which the coffee shop can service.

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The Yarovys have everything they need for café set in about 6 square meters. The bright yellow coffee machine traveled from Italy to Poland nearly through half of Europe. They repaired this room themselves. Inna added her own paintings to this bright decor.

Inna Yarova, owner of Dobro&Dobro café, Warsaw: "We realized that we have a little space when we began to put all things on their places: coffee, milk, desserts. "

Oleg Yarovy, owner of Dobro&Dobro café, Warsaw: "We tried to consider every centimeter, because if we made a mistake in 10 cm, it would only leave 20 for visitors. it's not enough for them. "

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Just a few months ago, Oleg used to make coffee only for his wife Inna. But one day they decided to move to Poland and open a café. Oleg even took special courses in Warsaw.

Oleg Yarovy, owner of Dobro&Dobro café, Warsaw: "The night before opening was hard. It started to go well, but not very good, I think because not a lot of clients who came during the first week came back again."

Now, Oleg has a regular client base with their own cards.

Valeriy Sikora, regular customer: "The owner is such an open and sincere person. He always treats me with something. He tells me "Eat halva or kozinaki" and doesn't take money for this."

Oleg wants to develop a custom of a so-called hanging coffee when a person pays for coffee of the next visitor.

Inna Yarova, owner of Dobro&Dobro café, Warsaw: "We would also like to have a free library here. We want people to bring and exchange books.
- But where?
We still have shelves, which are not fully used."

Oleg and Inna are going to extend their business. They dream about a bigger coffee shop or a network of small coffee bars, which can keep such kind and cozy atmosphere.

Margaryta Sytnik, Igor Antoniuk reporting from Warsaw for Ukraine Today.


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