: Trabant lovers meet in Bulgaria
Society09:17 Mar. 22, 2016

Trabant lovers meet in Bulgaria

There are still people who cannot can't resist the charm of the Trabant - symbol of communist Europe

It's neither practical nor pretty, however there are still people all over Europe who cannot can't resist the charm of the Trabant.

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More than 60 Trabant cars paraded in the streets of Bulgaria's Veliko Tarnovo for the seventh annual 'Trabant Fest'.

The outdated and impractical car is still seen by many as a symbol of Communist East Germany which outlived its homeland by decades.

"This car has a unique positive feel, which makes it different from all other cars. Look at all these smiling people today in Veliko Tarnovo, something very rare in our gloomy everyday life", trabant owner and event organizer Milen Mihov says. 

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The cars came in all shapes, sizes and colours - cabriolets, limousines, and heavily tuned beasts with engines far above the factory standard 20 horsepower two-stroke. ((LIVE)) One Trabant owner says he invested more than EUR 6,000 upgrading his Trabant.

"Well, I have put lot of work and money into this car and have real pleasure from driving my car in the summer. I keep it safe from the winter cold", Trabant owner Yavor Chochev says.

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The first Trabant was produced in the former German Democratic Republic in 1957. Loud, smelly and made of cheap plastic, the tiny, two-cylinder car with a maximum speed of just 60 mph has been named among the worst cars ever made. But today, many look back on it fondly as a symbol of the fall of Communism.

The last Trabant was manufactured in 1991 as East Germans opted for sleeker models available on the open market.

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