Celebration of vintage in Transcarpathian region: Grape festival "Bobovyshchanske grono" took place in Transcarpathian region (photos)

12:54 Oct. 18, 2016

Grape festival "Bobovyshchanske grono" took place in Transcarpathian region (photos)

Ethnic Grape Festival "Bobovysche grono" in the village Bobovysche, Transcarpathian region (UNIAN)

Ethnic Grape Festival offers wine, gastronomic products and music program to the guests

Traditional wine festival was held in Transcarpathian village Bobovyshche. The festival united people from the local regions and Hungarian guests from Gyöngyös town.

The concept of the festival is restoring wine-making traditions of the region. That is why it is held in Bobovyshche - a village with centuries-long traditions of viniculture. Every household here has its own recipes and a local winery is widely known for its wine. 

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Despite the heavy rain lots of tourists came to the festival. They could watch the old ritual of greeting the new grape harvest and learn how wine is made. Meanwhile, folk groups from around the region sang - in Ukrainian, Hungarian, Slovak and Rusyn languages. 

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At the end of the festivities, the taste panel chose the best wine-makers of Transcarpathian region.

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