Nadiya Savchenko,Odesa,eggs,pelted,Donbas,Russian-backed separatists,militants,east: Two men try to pelt Ukraine's national hero with eggs in Odesa (video)

16:11 Jul. 24, 2016

Two men try to pelt Ukraine's national hero with eggs in Odesa (video)

Nadiya Savchenko (UNIAN Photo)

Nadiya Savchenko recently sparked public outcry calling for direct peace talks with Russia-backed militants in the east

On Sunday, July 24, two men tried to pelt eggs at Nadiya Savchenko, Ukrainian MP, delegate to PACE and military pilot (recently released and brought back from Russia to Ukraine), while she was addressing Ukrainians in Odesa.

According to local newspaper ‘Dumskaya', Savchenko delivered her speech on the improvised stage, which is installed in the square where an ongoing protest against Odesa Mayor Hennady Trukhanov takes place.

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Two men threw eggs at her but missed their target. They were detained by police.

*Warning: The following video contains some explicit phrases in Russian

Recently Nadiya Savchenko made some high-profile statements. She said she should run for Ukraine's president as she is convinced that the political system in the country can only be changed from top.

Also she said in an interview broadcast July 21 on Ukraine's Channel Five that Ukrainians must "ask for forgiveness." Savchenko believes the Donbas conflict parties have to start talking and hearing each other. Otherwise, she said, the violence that gripped the country's Donbas region since April 2014 would continue.  


Nadiya Savchenko addresses the public in Odesa (UNIAN Photo)

Her comments infuriated nationalist lawmakers and others, including Anton Herashchenko who also serves as an aide to the Interior Ministry. 

Nadiya Savchenko was captured in June 2014 in eastern Ukraine, and put on trial in Russia. She was sentenced to 22 years in prison for the alleged involvement in the murder of two Russian journalists covering conflict in Donbas.

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Savchenko denied the charges against her, and her lawyer insisted she had been kidnapped by pro-Russian rebels prior to the deaths of the journalists. Freed in May as part of a prisoner swap, she returned to Ukraine as a national hero.


Police detain one of those trying to pelt Nadiya Savchenko with eggs (UNIAN Photo)

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