: Ukraine Celebrates National Police Day (photos, video)
Society10:58 Aug. 4, 2016

Ukraine Celebrates National Police Day (photos, video)

The holiday was introduced last year when the president signed law "On the National Police"

For the first time Ukraine celebrates the National Police Day – the holiday introduced last year, when the country's President Petro Poroshenko signed the law "On the National Police" - the newly established law enforcement agency.

Watch also UT crew films Kyiv's new police patrol in action

"Our police is a symbol of irreversible changes in Ukraine! Congratulations!"- Poroshenko greeted the police on his Facebook page.

Ukraine's PM Volodymyr Groysman also took to Facebook to send his greetings.

"I congratulate Ukrainian police on the National Police Day! You always on guard of justice and security of Ukrainian citizens. Today the national police is working in more than 32 cities, and I consider this an obvious success on the way to wipe out the old corrupt system," Groysman wrote.

The revolution in Ukrainian policing begin to spread across the country last summer after Kyiv became the first city to launch Western-style patrol police force.
The new police has replaced the old one which was based on the Soviet-style system and was infamous for bribery.

Law enforcement has been one of the most visible reforms, as various Ukraine's government attempt to strive for European standards.


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