News from Ukraine: Ukraine in total natural disaster
Society18:16 Jul. 20, 2016

Ukraine in total natural disaster

Severe weather conditions left numerous cities without electricity, one person reported dead 

Weather storm has covered nearly the whole territory of Ukraine.

Numerous regions report of accidents and power cuts caused by heavy rains and winds. Local residents also suffer from the consequences of natural disasters.

A 20-year-old man died in Kharkiv region amidst the field, his mother later found his body. In a while the medical expertise showed he had been struck by lightning and died because of electrical shock.

Ihor Lupandin, member of Ukraine's State Emergency Service in Kharkiv Region: "The field is an open space, so it is no surprise the man was killed by lightning. The medics later confirmed he had been damaged by electricity. Except for the thunderstorm, there can be no other reasons."

Torrential rains followed by thunderstorm struck several districts of the city of Kharkiv. The meteorologists say there have been a monthly rainfall level during one night. Four cars have been damaged so far, several multistoried buildings remain without roof, for it has been torn off by strong wind flow. The workers of communal service say they will need at least a couple of days to eliminate the results of the weather disaster.

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15 villages in the whole region remain without electrical supply.

In the city of Dnipro the abnormal heat was replaced by heavy rains and thunderstorm. A great deal of rainfall has resulted in massive floods in the city centre, as well as the outskirts. In order to escape submerging deeply in water, numerous pedestrians had to climb up the benches. Those driving a car encountered additional problems, since the vehicles were not able to move through the entire water front. Some of the number plates were washed off, now the police seek for their owners. 


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One more accident caused by weather conditions happened in the city of Poltava, that is north-eastern Ukraine. A multistoried building caught fire after being hit by lightning. A portion of electricity struck the aerial on the roof, the next moment the flame encompassed the area of 500 square metres in total.

City administration sent the whole firemen staff to battle the fire. Despite big number of workers, they managed to extinguish the flame only three hours later. One of the flats on the 5th floor is totally burnt, 10 other apartments are flooded with water, the roof is also partially destroyed.

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Ukrainian capital also suffered from bad weather. In the centre of Kyiv strong winds overthrew an old maple. No injuries reported, though the centennial tree damaged four cars, electrical cable, and protective net on one of the balconies. The vehicles belonged mainly to the workers of Ukraine's Security Service that is situated close to the site. Now some of them are set to complain to the court.

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