Sad anniversary: Ukraine marks 75 years since Babyn Yar mass slaughter
Society11:09 Sep. 29, 2016

Ukraine marks 75 years since Babyn Yar mass slaughter

Dozens of thousands of people were massacred by Nazi Germany in Ukraine in 1941

Ukraine marks the 75th anniversary since the mass murder of Jews, Ukrainians, Roma and Soviet prisoners, committed by the Nazi Germany on the outskirts of Kyiv during the World War II.

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The ceremonies will be held at the Babyn Yar memorial park, where the executions took place during the war.

In September 1941, the Nazis slaughtered more than 30 thousand Jews in just two days, which was later recognized as one of the biggest massacres of the Holocaust.


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Historians are still in debates over the exact numbers of victims of the Nazis. They say that more than a hundred thousand people were killed at Babyn Yar.

A thousand foreign delegates are expected to arrive in Ukraine to pay their respects to the victims. The EU Council President Donald Tusk, who came to Kyiv earlier, is also going to be present at the event.

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Israeli President Reuven Rivlin was supposed to attend the ceremonies as well, but he had to cut his visit to Ukraine short over the death of Shimon Peres.

The Hamburg Symphony Orchestra is expected to join the memorial concert in Kyiv, alongside other foreign and Ukrainian performers. 

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