Ukrainian fashion designers in Canada: 'Ukraine New Look': Brand-new initiative to promote Ukrainian business and culture abroad
Society18:29 Sep. 16, 2016

'Ukraine New Look': Brand-new initiative to promote Ukrainian business and culture abroad

The events tour kicks off in London featuring 'Fashion Globus Ukraine' project by Golda Vynohradska

UT visited the presentation of a new project titled "Ukraine New Look", which is designed to raise awareness on the world market about Ukraine. The program, which will be demonstrated in the UK on November 9-15, includes a business forum, a diplomatic reception, exhibitions, conferences, concerts and a fashion show.

Oleksandr Danyleiko, the Head of the Economic Cooperation Department of Ukraine's Foreign Ministry, said the foreign audience needs useful and up to date information about Ukraine. also hoping the event will open new markets for Ukrainian producers.

"It was initiated as an economic project. We were speaking mainly about a business forum and about promotion of the Ukrainian export market to Great Britain. But then it developed into a more complex and varied project including culture, tourism as well as diverse other fields", Oleksandr Danyleiko said

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Golda Vynohradska is a Ukrainian fashion designer and organizer of "Fashion Globus Ukraine" project. Its aim is to show on an international level Ukrainian fashion is not only traditional vyshyvankas. It has a lot of modern fashionable apparel from all over Ukraine.

This September, she will bring her show "Most beloved" to Toronto Ukrainian Festival, which gathers over half a million visitors each year. 12 Ukrainian designers will be able to show their looks to the North-American audience. 

"We will express ourselves with clothing, through our big show. It will demonstrate 12 regions of Ukraine, each presenting 5 looks. We want to show that Ukraine is a very talented country and the people are peaceful and harmonious as one nation, which includes all regions of Ukraine"Golda Vynohradska said

Last year, the show by Ukrainian designers "Most beloved" was presented at the New York Fashion Week, where it was met with great affection.

"The day after the show in New York, we had a meeting with the Ukrainian society in New York. We almost sold our entire collection which was not our remit at the event. Our target was to explain to the American public what Ukraine is all about. If we talk about the commercial sense between Ukraine and the US customers, it's a working model. We've have already received an invitation from one famous American company to create a collection for them. It was emotional for us to see our Ukrainian clothes on American models. It was really successful. American girls wanted to buy it. This is a great compliment for us, when we see our blouse with their jeans, as it looked really fashionable", Golda Vynohradska added.

In November, they will have their performance in London within "Ukraine New Look" initiative. 

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