: Ukraine's first patient with artificial heart feels good after surgery
Society16:52 Jul. 14, 2016

Ukraine's first patient with artificial heart feels good after surgery

Cardiologists expect the operation to be a precedent for further medical legislation development

Pavlo Doroshko is the first Ukrainian given a mechanical heart. A day after the last stitch was done on his chest the patient feels good.

Pavlo jokes he is a robot now, because his newly transplanted organ works from electrical supply. Pavlo has a piece of cable cord sticking out of his left side.

Ihor Kuzmych, Head of the intensive therapy block: "Here is the device the patient has to carry with him. Along with two batteries that are to be regularly charged or replaced the block weighs up to 2 kg."

Both in the USA and Europe an artificial heart is considered to be a step towards heart transplantation. As a rule, the patients are transplanted the real organ in a year or two after having lived with its artificial substitute.

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Due to imperfect legislation Ukrainians do not have a single chance to find a donor. According to the official statistics, in 16 years there have been just five people lucky to get their hearts transplanted.

The director of the Heart Centre Borys Todurov expects this operation will encourage the deputies to pass the corresponding law. In Belarus, he says, the law implies the presumption of tacit consent of a person to give one's organs for transplantation in case they suit the recipient. Todurov adds the Ukrainians invest millions of U.S. dollars in Belarusian medicine, since Ukrainian doctors have neither right nor money to conduct similar surgeries.

Borys Todurov, director of Heart Centre: "I hope very much the next year the Ministry of Health will pass a separate program on mechanical hearts so that we do not work as volunteers."

The German-made device costs 120,000 euro. The cardiologists claim people with artificial hearts are able to work, go in for sports, and even do cycling. All over the world there are no more than 700 of such patients. 

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