Ukraine's Independence day: Ukraine's Independence Day now official holiday in the USA (video)
Society19:36 Aug. 25, 2016

Ukraine's Independence Day now official holiday in the USA (video)

Residents of Philadelphia and Chicago mark 25th anniversary in national Ukrainian style

Independence day of Ukraine is now an official holiday in Philadelphia. Birthplace of U.S. independence, the city now celebrates the anniversary of Ukrainian sovereignty.

Nearly 500 people came to the main square, their clothes decorated with blue and yellow stripes. These two nuns are sisters. Despite strict Catholic rules about nun's uniform, both women hung symbolic ribbons on their robes. Both Romana and Teodora are from Ukraine, so Ukraine's Independence Day is always a significant date for them.

Sister Romana, nun: It is like a family holiday for the whole Ukrainian nation. We are all one united family, and we came here to show our unity, our solidarity. We will pray for those who died in the struggle for Ukraine's sovereignty. 

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This man is from a Jewish family who came here from Kyiv. His name is Jean, and he is now a U.S. citizen. Jean says he has been collecting the details of this festive disguise for 6 months.

Jean, immigrant from Ukraine: I wish Ukraine could stay independent and free. If there is now Ukraine, Russia will come one day and invade Europe. 

From now on Ukrainian national flag will wave over the city hall of Philadelphia along with the U.S. flag at least once a year, on August 24th. Each and every printed calendar, in turn, will contain one more official holiday, that is Ukraine's Independence Day.

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One more city to mark Ukraine's Independence Day was Chicago. Thousands of native Ukrainians participated in the national Ukrainian festival Uketober-2016. Dressed in national costumes, numerous artists performed to Ukrainian audience along with the athletes. Meanwhile, the viewers could taste traditional Ukrainian dishes and buy national Ukrainian souvenirs.

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