: Ukraine's new National Guard unit already on service

15:21 Jun. 3, 2016

Ukraine's new National Guard unit already on service

Members of the newly established National Guard Rapid Reaction Brigade. (UNIAN Photo)

Formation fully meets NATO standards

The 4th Rapid Reaction Brigade of Ukraine's National Guard has finished its trainings, which took place in a total conformity with NATO standards, and got its own Colours. This is according to the press-release of the National Guard of Ukraine.

The unit structure includes assault battalions, a tank battalion and an artillery squadron. The Brigade also has subdivisions of drone air components, intelligence, communications and logistics. Both soldiers with a combat experience and new recruits were accepted to the Battalion.

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The selection process happened in several stages. Candidates were first checked on their personal data, then they had to take the test. The second stage was an interview with military commanders. At the third stage, candidates demonstrated their physical education, endurance, moral and psychological stability: their response to continuous activities during bad weather conditions, day and night, during the fighting. They were also tested on the ability to work in team and leadership skills.

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The Brigade is a fighting unit, the structure and guidance of which are organised like army units of advanced countries. Namely, the American model of MDMP (Military decision making process) is used for tactical planning. The coaching of the Battalion staff officers is currently carried out in accordance with this model.

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