: Ukraine's new police force celebrates its first anniversary amidst high confidence among Ukrainians
Society16:01 Jul. 5, 2016

Ukraine's new police force celebrates its first anniversary amidst high confidence among Ukrainians

Rapid growth of careers and entire force – new police brings new standards 

Chief of National Police of Ukraine – Khatia Dekanoyidze spoke to the patrol officers about the achievements and challenges of the new police in Ukraine, and just as patrol officer Matysh commented on the increased trust from the Ukrainians. And even though this could be considered as the first milestone of the new police in Ukraine, Dekanoyidze doesn't consider this to be a special day:

'Every day is special for us. Because we're police officers and we work hard every day, specially the patrol police, who are in the first line. Fighting against the criminals on the streets,' Chief Of National Police of Ukraine Khatia Dekanoidze says.

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And the number of streets and cities, were Ukraine's new patrol police is operating has grown in the past year.

Ukraine's new police is one year old. Exactly a year ago brand-new police officers started patrolling the streets of Kyiv. Today the new police is patrolling most of the major cities across Ukraine. This reform proved to be a success for the Ukrainian government and brought a rapid career growth for some. 

Yuriy Zozulya – chief of patrol police in Kyiv – just a year ago was fresh graduate from the police training program hoping to become a police officer:

'My name is Yuriy Zozulya, I'm the officer… I hope I will be the officer of Kyiv police,' Chief of Kyiv Patrol Police Yuriy Zozulya says.

Now, a year later and several ranks up the career ladder, Zozulya still can't forget his first days in the police:

'The most difficult, it was the first shift. Till now I'm thinking about it even when I have some challenges as a chief of the patrol police here in kyiv I'm thinking that they are not as hard as it was on the first night,' Chief of Kyiv Patrol Police Yuriy Zozulya says. 

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Having grown from the ordinary patrol officer to the chief of kyiv patrol police, Zozulya is proud to be part of the reform, which many call the only real reform of the Ukrainian government:

'The reform of the national police and the creation of the patrol police is the main thing, the main reform in all our country for last couple of years. And because of this we feel a lot of pressure,' Chief of Kyiv Patrol Police Yuriy Zozulya adds.

But there was no pressure today – only smiles and picture-talking. This group already feels like a big family and the presence of police officer's children added to the picture. In some way the entire new police force is like a child – still young, but with bright future ahead.

This is Volodymyr Solohub and Andriy Romanok reporting from Kyiv for UT


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