: Ukraine's reformed police launch new community project (photo gallery)

09:31 Apr. 14, 2016

Ukraine's reformed police launch new community project (photo gallery)

Ukraine’s reformed police launch new community project (UNIAN photo)

Specially trained officers are working with schools to help build trust within society

The new western-style police force has been one of the few visible reforms carried out by the Ukrainian government following the 2014 EuroMaidan Revolution.

The modern uniforms, fresh faces and new patrols have received overall public approval. However, the National Police faces an uphill struggle to build trust between law enforcement and society, after years of corruption and abuse of power within the ranks of the former Soviet-style ‘militsiya' units.

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In order to strengthen relationships within local communities, a new project has been launched. Under the plans, specially trained officers will work with schools to promote general safety and address problems faced by ordinary citizens.

The initiative was launched during a special ceremony in Kyiv on April 13.

Photos courtesy of Tom Bell.

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