: Ukraine's Secret Service reveals hidden archives of Soviet regime
Society17:19 Jun. 22, 2016

Ukraine's Secret Service reveals hidden archives of Soviet regime

Many Ukrainians start searching their relatives repressed by Soviet totalitarian authorities

Numerous Ukrainian citizens have rushed to search for their disappeared relatives, since the Ukraine's Security Service opened the archives of Soviet communist regime.

During the mass repressions the People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs ("NKVD") and Committee for State Security of USSR ("KGB") arrested thousands of Ukrainians with their further deportation to the far north.

Now each and every citizen is entitled to look through the numerous files to find the relatives, once swallowed by Soviet communist machine.

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The archives from the Soviet times contain thousands of boxes and files, and this is just a central archive. Every region possesses its own file store as well, with several cases in each box. One case may include several names of the detainees.

Leonid Koptiukh has finally found his father who had been exiled for ten years. While studying the case, Leonid saw the picture of his father for the first time in his life. Now he is willing to find the place where the man had been buried. According to the documents, Leonid's father was last fixed in Magadan region, that is Russia's far east.

'I am so happy to have found my father. Now I know at least how he looked like, I have seen his personal handwriting. He was accused of sponsoring the Ukrainian National Army during the 2nd world war, but I got to know he just helped the soldiers,' son of repressed Ukrainian Leonid Koptiukh says.

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Marina Budzar has also found her father. He was one of the so called re-emigrants, living at first in France and coming back to the USSR. She says after returning from a democratic state he could never adapt to communist regime.

Except for the repressed Ukrainians, the Secret Service's archives contain also the cases of famous Ukrainian dissidents and political prisoners. One of them is Stepan Khmara, famous for his manuscript on the genocide of Ukrainians.

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