: Ukrainian artist wants to open outdoor exhibition in Lebanon
Society18:39 Mar. 22, 2016

Ukrainian artist wants to open outdoor exhibition in Lebanon

Sergii Boyatzi plans to transform a local village into an open-air museum

Ukrainian artist Sergiy Boyatzi regularly showcases his work in the village of Baqsta in southern Lebanon.

He sets up exhibitions in the garden and fields next to his family's home. Locals can find here various sculptures, mosaic and other artwork. Sergiy has been hosting such expos since he came to the Middle Eastern country.

"Because my daughter is married to a Lebanese person, she gave birth to a boy and I came to see my grandson and to help them with setting up in Lebanon, because I can do garden design and so on." Ukrainian artist Sergiy Boyatzi.

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Sergiy is not allowed to work officialy because of visa restriction, so he keeps busy by redesigning his daughter's gardens. He mainly uses cement to create his sculptures. He keeps them hollow for easier transportation. The artist hopes to transform the village into an open-air museum one day. He also has other ideas.

"In Sidon they have the church of St Nicholas, there they don't have any icons, I want to create icons there, mosaics, to beautify it a little. Other than that I want to organise an exhibition, a free exhibition for people, for people to just come and see it. Maybe someone will like it, beautiful or not, something like that," Ukrainian artist Sergiy Boyatzi.

Sergii has already found a place for his project. He will use the land near his daughter's home. The artist says he hopes to give locals a unique way to view artwork in the village.

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