: Ukrainian cities compete to host Eurovision contest
Society21:09 Aug. 9, 2016

Ukrainian cities compete to host Eurovision contest

Officials will soon announce the venue for one of the major European music events

In Ukraine, three cities are competing to host 2017 Eurovision song contest, after Ukrainian singer Jamala's triumph in Stockholm this year.

Kyiv, Dnipro, and Odesa are the final candidates, and each city has its advantages and drawbacks as to hosting the grand event. On Ukraine's Independence Day on August 24 the organisers will decide who is going to be the winner.

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Meanwhile, the government has already allocated 15 million euro for the contest to be sent to the European Broadcasting Union. However, if the event is successfull and no incidents occur, the funds will be returned to the state budget.

Yevhen Nyshchuk, Ukraine's Minister of Culture: "The cities themselves are ready to give 5 million dollars, and five million more will be returned by the European Broadcasting Union. I don't want ordinary citizens to think they will be paying for all this."

However, some budget money will be spent. World-wide television broadcast costs around 8–12 million euro. The Ukrainian organisers say they are ready to take responsibility for each and every eurocent.

At the same time, the main benefit from hosting the Eurovision contest cannot be evaluated in numbers.

Taras Stetskiv, former head of Ukraine's National Television Company: "It helps to advertise and promote Ukraine in Europe. It brings tourist flow, increases gains from hotel and restaurant businesses. It gives us the opportunity to improve infrastructure by means of public and private investments."

The final cost of organising this one of the major European music events is yet to be determined, as each city has its own different budget planned. In 2016, Sweden spent record thirteen million euro to host the event.

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