: Ukrainian citizens arrive back after deadly blasts in Istanbul airport
Society17:42 Jun. 29, 2016

Ukrainian citizens arrive back after deadly blasts in Istanbul airport

Those heading for Odesa saw attacks from above, Kyiv residents rushed through the passport control

They have never been so happy to return home as now. The Ukrainians that have just landed in their homeland, witnessed the explosion at Istanbul airport from the sky. Some of them watched the tragedy to unfold from the plane's side-window. The others ran desperately from the fire without any passport control.

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Odesa, 1 am. The indicator board shows the flight to Istanbul has been cancelled. The people nearby cannot wait until the plane from Turkey lands in their city. They have just heard about the terrorist attack at Ataturk airport, now all they are willing to is to see their relatives alive and kicking. 

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These Ukrainian citizens managed to report they were safe, since their plane already took off when the bombs exploded.

Some passengers told what they've experienced:

"The crowd rushed to the passport control, some men broke the door. I was praying so much while flying, all I asked for was a safe landing. No one knew what could have happened inside the plane."

"I was buying some souvenirs in the duty-free shop when the bomb exploded. Everyone ran out, I could take anything I wanted for granted."

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Kyiv, 6 am. Numerous flights from Istanbul are reported delaying, the first flight arriving two hours later than scheduled. This one already brought the passengers who were close to the attacking site.

In view of the planes' delay those heading for Turkey also depart with a several-hour delay. Some people refuse from travelling saying they are now afraid of visiting Turkey. The others in turn report no wish to refuse from the holidays on Mediterranean coast. The registration for the flight to Antalya is unfolding.


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