News from Russia: Ukrainian Embassy in Moscow pelted with eggs and tomatoes (video)

12:01 Aug. 28, 2016

Ukrainian Embassy in Moscow pelted with eggs and tomatoes (video)

Ukrainian Embassy in Moscow. Photo courtesy - Wikipedia

Russian police datain only three people just to 'make an example', Ukrainian reporter says  

Several dozen Russian radicals attacked the Ukrainian Embassy to Russian Federation in Moscow, on late August 27.

A group of aggressive people gathered in front of the Ukrainian Embassy last night, at about 22:07 Kyiv time.

According to Ukrainian journalist Roman Tsymbalyuk, they chanted anti-Ukrainian slogans "Junta to be brought to justice", "We remember Odesa, we remember Donbas", "We will not forget, we will not forgive" and held high posters with similar slogans.

Afterwards, the radicals lit their fire sticks and pelted the Embassy with eggs and tomatoes.

The Moscow police was aware of the rally beforehand and consequently boosted security measures.

However, when the Ukrainian diplomatic mission was under attack, Russian policemen reacted sluggishly and did not interfere too much, said the Ukrainian journalist.

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The police 'made a show' of detaining three people after warning that the campaign was not approved by the Moscow authorities. Still, most attackers left the area near the Embassy with no restriction.

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