Ukraine Frontline Hospital: Ukrainian frontline hospital perseveres despite lack of government support
Society16:59 Aug. 16, 2016

Ukrainian frontline hospital perseveres despite lack of government support

Medical crew of Avdiyivka hospital say they have everything needed to treat patients, but more effective work requires more personnel

This medical crew at a hospital in the frontline village of Avdiyivka consists of a surgeon, an anaesthesiologist, a nurse and a paramedic. Their job is to attend to the patients who live close to the combat zone in eastern Ukraine.

Taras Baran, doctor: "When we need help, we of course go to the locals and ask for asssistance."

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But sometimes there is not enough room for all the wounded. For emergency cases, a bus with all necessary medical supplies is always ready to set out.

Arkadiy Bitsiura, paramedic: "We have everything we need to take all measures to rescue and stabilise the injured."

This bus is a gift from foreign volunteers. Its crew consists of two paramedics; however, this is not enough. In order for this bus to become an operating theatre on wheels and be able to transport the seriously wounded from the frontline to the hospital, it needs more personnel.

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As the vehicle cannot operate as a mobile surgery room, it is used as electricity generator, providing energy for the intensive care department, and for the refrigirators in the blood storage.

Rostyslav Zauralskyi, chief medic at Ukrainian Medical Corps: "This is the town's strategic reserve of blood plasma for a month. But for the electricity generator, it would have been all spoilt."

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The medics are doing their best to provide the adequate care amid the lack of equipment and personnel. Receiving modest backing from the government, they rely heavily on support from the volunteers.

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