: Ukrainian legacy buried under Soviet monument
Society12:50 Apr. 28, 2016

Ukrainian legacy buried under Soviet monument

Archeologists have found old church under statue of Lenin in Ukraine's Kryvyi Rih 

A church under a Lenin monument. Archeologists found ruins of an old chapel buried under a square in the Ukrainian city of Krivyi Rih. The building was destroyed by the Soviet authorities. They put a statue of Lenin on top of the debris. After the Maidan revolution, the monument was toppled. And during the square reconstruction in 2016 the truth was "unearthed".

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Historians say the ruins date back to the 18th century. At first, the building was made out of wood. It was destroyed several times. In 1862, the local authorities built a new cathedral, this time with stone. The place was popular among the parishioners. Around 7000 people used to visit the church. But when the Soviets came to power, they closed it down.

The Soviets turned the church into a storehouse. Later they decided to destroy the building. So in 1932, they blew it up. And sentenced the priest to prison in Siberia. Later they installed the statue of Vladimir Lenin. The communists did their best to hush the memories of the chapel. Even the photos were wiped out. 

The Soviet dictator stood in the city centre for almost 60 years. Until activists took down all his statues in Krivyi Rih in 2014.

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So far the museum workers have dug out around a half of the foundation. They have also found various artefacts: old coins, sconces and spoons. These showpieces will be displayed at the city museum.

The local activists help uncover the building. They want the city Mayor to turn it into an exhibition. According to the reconstruction plan, the square will be paved with tiles. The locals ask the authorities to keep the ruins under glass.

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