Scouts bring Bethlehem fire: Ukrainian scouts bring Bethlehem flame to Verkhovna Rada

13:57 Dec. 22, 2016

Ukrainian scouts bring Bethlehem flame to Verkhovna Rada

Ukrainian scouts bring Bethlehem fire to Verkhovna Rada (UNIAN)

Before the hearing at Verkhovna Rada, 20 scouts came into session hall to pass Bethlehem fire of peace

Young scouts from the organization ‘Plast' appealed to legislators from the parliament's tribune and sang a Christmas hymn about Bethlehem fire.

The representative of the National Scout Organization, ‘Plast', said: "We, Ukrainian scouts, are paying a visit to you today with Bethlehem flame of peace. This flame, every year, on Christmas Eve is lighted in the city of Bethlehem. And then scouts pass it from one to another. We have been supporting this initiative for more than 20 years. We are very glad to have this opportunity to bring this candle today to you. May this fire of peace help you in your actions and inspire you to make good and right decisions."

After the scouts came to the session hall and sang the hymn, they gave Bethlehem candle to the speaker.



Speaker of Verkhovna Rada, Andriy Parubiy, highlighted that a law on State budget takes into account the provision of support to young and patriotic organizations.

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'Plast' is a National Scout Organization, which aims to provide well-rounded patriotic upbringing of Ukrainian youth. Education of children is based on principles of Christian ethics. 

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