: Ukrainian students hold flashmob ahead of Dutch vote on EU deal (photos, video)
Society20:13 Apr. 5, 2016

Ukrainian students hold flashmob ahead of Dutch vote on EU deal (photos, video)

Hundreds of university students in Kyiv link Dutch Embassy and European Square

A Ukrainian human chain, in support of a European future. Hundreds of students gathered in Kyiv for the flashmob, linking the Dutch Embassy in the historical Podil neighbourhood to European Square. The event happened a day before Dutch voters decide whether or not the E.U. and Ukraine should strengthen cooperation through the Association Agreement.

Mykola Volvach, flashmob organiser: "We hope that it will be a positive answer, which means 'yes' will be said to Ukraine. Students took an active participation in (the event) in order to attract attention and to highlight their civil position."

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Yana Honcharenko, student: "We wanted to show that we are united in the issue of our foreign policy. We know for sure that Ukrainian youth support European integration and European path of Ukraine's development."

Although support for Ukraine-E.U. deal is clear among these students, it's not so much among people in the Netherlands. The latest poll published by Dutch newspaper Volkskrant shows just fewer than 20% of people are undecided how to vote - part of this, down to lack of credible information.

Infographics by the Institute of World Policy (Click to enlarge)

So what exactly is the Association Agreement? Well, broadly speaking, it's about the principles of a free market economy and rule of law, as well as cooperation in the fight against corruption, crime, terrorism and climate change. What it's not about is Ukraine joining the E.U, not about the E.U. providing financial support to Ukaine and not about Ukraine joining NATO.

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It's those points students in the flashmob hope Dutch voters will consider - when deciding the fate of Ukraine's future towards Europe.


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