News from Ukraine: Ukrainian War Song: Lviv activists coming up with unique musical project (video)

14:14 Sep. 1, 2016

Ukrainian War Song: Lviv activists coming up with unique musical project (video)

Ukrainian soldiers on the frontline (UNIAN Photo)

Songs written by soldiers fighting on the frontline in eastern Ukraine 

The social art project War Songs (in Ukrainian #ПісніВійни) is a large-scale public initiative, which aims to find and professionally record songs created by Ukrainian soldiers who have fought and are still fighting on the frontline in the Donbas conflict zone.

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The initiative organizers also try to preserve current Ukrainian war songs as part of musical culture, patriotic education as well as history of Ukraine.

The social mission of the project is to consolidate the Ukrainian nation through helping the wider society get acquainted with the theme of war and experiences of soldiers and their families.

Also, the project facilitates psychological and social adaptation for Ukrainian soldiers after they return home.

The project will put up nearly 15 songs in one album written by Ukrainian soldiers expressing what they experienced in the combat zone...

- Don't Be Sad -

When the war is over
And tired Ukrainian soldiers return from the frontline,
Someone's mother sheds a tear of sorrow
To cry over those who will never come back home…
We will remember the Maidan set ablaze (pro-European protests in central Kyiv),
St. Michael's cathedral bell chiming in the black smoke,
Shields smeared with our brothers' blood,
And death races amid bullets…
Don't be sad when I am not around,
Say your prayer and kiss our child,
Remember – God protects those
Defending their Motherland…

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