News from Ukraine: Ukrainians commemorate two years since Ilovaisk tragedy (photos)

15:18 Aug. 28, 2016

Ukrainians commemorate two years since Ilovaisk tragedy (photos)

Ukrainians commemorate two years since Ilovaisk Tragedy (UNIAN Photo)

Up to 1,000 Ukrainian soldiers may have died in battle in August, 2014 

On August 28, Ukrainian soldiers and relatives of those who were killed on the frontline in eastern Ukraine gathered in central Kyiv to honour victims of the Ilovaisk Battle that took place two years ago - in August, 2014.

Nearly 100 people paid tribute to the Ilovaisk victims with the song 'A Duck Is Floating', which became a symbol of mourning for those killed during 2013-2014 pro-European protests and in the Donbas conflict zone.

Some relatives held white bullets with the inscription reading 'We Remember' and names of Ukrainian soldiers. One of Kyiv's central cathedrals hosted an exhibition dedicated to the tragic events, displaying Ukrainian soldiers' belongings found near Ilovaisk.    

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A fierce fighting took place near Ilovaisk in late August 2014. Ukrainian troops were surrounded by combined Russian-separatist forces. Militants fired on the convoy heading through the corridor, which had been agreed with the enemy for withdrawing Ukrainian forces. Ukrainian troops suffered multiple casualties

The Ukrainian government described what happened at Ilovaisk as a massacre.

Today all circumstances of the Ilovaisk tragedy are still to be nvestigated by Military Prosecutor's office.

According to official data, 366 troops were killed, while another 249 were wounded, 128 were taken prisoner, 158 were reported missing... However, a Ukrainian parliamentary commission estimates that up to 1,000 Ukrainian soldiers may have died in the Battle of Ilovaisk in August, 2014.

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The Military Prosecutor's Office claims, more than 16,000 Russian regular servicemen and Kremlin-backed militants were deployed near the town of Ilovaisk, in Ukraine's Donetsk region, during August 2014.

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