: Ukrainians strive to find love, discover their destiny and test feelings on Kupala night
Society18:16 Jul. 7, 2016

Ukrainians strive to find love, discover their destiny and test feelings on Kupala night

Following ancient pagan tradition young people wear flower garlands and jump over bonfire

Ukrainians are celebrating the magic holiday of Ivana Kupala.

In the night of July 6th numerous young people tried to find out their destiny. Single girls and women strive to guess the name of their future husbands, whereas couples test their mutual feelings.


In accordance with an ancient pagan tradition, young women make flower wreaths, each blossom symbolizes its own pattern, be it beauty, health, or youth. 

And here is the place where those lucky enough to be in love may put feelings of their partners to the test.


Lovers need to jump over the fire, and it is necessary to hold each other's hand tightly. According to an ancient belief, the flame will give the couple its ‘purifying properties'.

The failure of a couple in love to complete the jump while holding hands is a sign of their destined separation.


The elder men burn fire wheel. It is considered that the symbol of the sun frightens away the evil spirits. The young men in turn await their girlfriends on the river bank.

For many Ukrainians celebrating this holiday is an attempt to revive their heritage and remind themselves of the country's ancient customs.

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