: Unofficial Top of Summer: NYT highly recommends Ukrainian vyshyvankas

18:01 Jul. 11, 2016

Unofficial Top of Summer: NYT highly recommends Ukrainian vyshyvankas

Ukrainian vyshyvankas (UNIAN Photo)

Folk-inspired apparel has become something of fashion item in Ukraine since the country's 2014 revolution 

The New York Times published an article titled "The Unofficial Top of Summer", which focuses on a traditional Ukrainian embroidered linen shirt - vyshyvanka - and calls it one the latest trends in fashion clothing.

The author calls it a "peasant blouse which has worldly appeal".

This article describes the label March 11, created by Svitlana Golovchenko and Robert Mishchenko, two Ukrainians living in New York. They promote the idea of Ukrainian traditional dresses in their collections.

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"Pair one of these with a jean skirt — it's really all the styling you need. Just be prepared for people to ask where it's from", NYT writes.

The colourful, folk-inspired apparel has become something of a fashion item in Ukraine since the country's 2014 revolution. 


Clockwise from top left: March 11 embroidered linen blouse; Kas New York embroidered cotton blouse; Christophe Sauvat embroidered cotton-poly blouse; March 11 embroidered linen blouse with tassel trim; Figue embroidered cotton top. 

Today vyshyvankas, known for their ornate patterns with local features making each one unique, are considered to be the genetic code of Ukrainians, the cultural bridge between generations, and the symbol of unity.

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Some interesting facts:

1. In 2015, students of Simferopol's Ukrainian high school in Crimea annexed by Russia in 2014 wore Ukrainian embroidered shirts to mark the Last Bell ceremony (celebrating the end of the school year). The school was afterwards renamed as Simferopol Academic School.

2. A flash mob was organized in the centre of Moscow, Russia's capital, in 2015, when participants in the event were wearing traditional Ukrainian embroidered shirts, having thus supported Ukrainians who celebrated the Day of Vyshyvanka on May 21. 20 residents of Moscow joined the march.

3. Ukrainian political prisoner Mykola Karpyuk wore a vyshyvanka the day the court in Chechnya issued his verdict.

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Photo source - march11.us, Instagram

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