Russian Aggression against Ukraine: Volunteers uncover more Russia's high-end weapons in Ukraine

16:52 Oct. 19, 2016

Volunteers uncover more Russia's high-end weapons in Ukraine

Russian weapons in Ukraine

Social media images provide irrefutable evidence of Russian armour and equipment used in Donbas war

Activists, bloggers and volunteers working for InformNapalm team have uncovered more evidence of Russia sending its newest weapons and armour to support militants in eastern Ukraine.

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Using social media images recklessly published on the internet by Russian soldiers and mercenaries, the investigators identified Russia's modernised BTR-80 armoured personnel carrier. The Russian-made vehicle was upgraded with a PL-1 [ПЛ-1] laser searchlight and the TKN – 4GA-01 [ТКН-4ГА-01] aiming device, both produced exclusively by Rostov Optical and Mechanic Plant.

The volunteers point out that the re-designed model has never been exported to Ukraine, and cannot be a war trophy captured from Ukrainian Armed Forces or bought in – an explanation Russian officials like most when asked how Russian most advanced weapons end up in Ukraine.


Fresh paint on the armour points to the fact, that the vehicles have been received from Russian patrons not long ago.

The same modernised BTR-80 armoured personnel carrier is seen on images of recently killed militant leader Arseny Pavlov (aka Motorola) taking part in a military parade in Donetsk.


BTR-80 of captured from Russian invaders was showcased in February 2015 in central Kyiv as part of the ‘Presence' exhibition which aimed to show Russian weapons used against Ukrainians.


Despite Moscow's ongoing insistence it has no troops in Ukraine, evidence of the country's involvement is mounting.


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