: WSJ: Good morning, Ukraine! Army radio seeks colorful DJ to mock Russians

14:57 May. 27, 2016

WSJ: Good morning, Ukraine! Army radio seeks colorful DJ to mock Russians

Alexey Makukhin, center, and Yana Kholodna, right, of Army FM interview Ben Moses, co-producer of the 1987 movie ‘Good Morning Vietnam,’ for an Army FM broadcast. PHOTO: Minstry of Defence of Ukraine)

Ukraine army radio station is searching for charismatic DJ to support moraly Ukrainian servicemen

Ukraine's army is searching for its own Robin Williams.

Specifically, it is looking for a charismatic army disc jockey like the one Mr. Williams played in the film "Good Morning, Vietnam" three decades ago.

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Alexey Makukhin, an adviser to Ukraine's military who is helping set up the station, wants a Robin Williams to help with his "big problem." Troops facing Russian-backed separatists in the east hear a steady barrage of radio and TV broadcasts that seem crafted to sow doubts about their mission.

His solution is Army FM, a radio station for Ukraine's soldiers. To make it a success he needs a DJ—a great DJ.

Dozens of résumés poured in when word about the plan got out. Mr. Makukhin interviewed about 50 DJ applicants. They were an almost complete bust.

"A lot of candidates just do not fit to the role of presenter—poor voice, cannot keep up a discussion or stop themselves," he says.

"Some candidates have a fixed mind-set and are not ready to work in our format of entertaining and friendly radio."

Mr. Makukhin, a 35-year-old former TV sitcom producer, dispatched old colleagues from the military and television worlds to hunt for undiscovered talent.

One military colleague, scouring the front lines where the army faces breakaway provinces, found Lidiya Huzhva.

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