Donbas war: Wall to stop Putin: Ukrainian bunker near Mariupol 360 video

20:14 Oct. 30, 2016

Wall to stop Putin: Ukrainian bunker near Mariupol 360 video

UKrainian bunker near Mariupol (by Julian Roepke / Bild)

German Bild reporters filmed Ukrainian fortifications with spherical camera system

Journalists from biggest German daily newspaper Bild shared the footage of Ukrainian defensive lines and bunkers near the city of Mariupol in Donbas (Azov sea area). The author of the material is Bild political editor and columnist Julian Roepke, who earlier showed Donbas frontline hot spot Shyrokyne on 360 video.

The video is presented on Bild web-site under the title "The bunker against tanks: This wall is supposed to stop Putin".

The video itself is also available on ‘Bild Reporter' official YouTube channel. It can be rotated on every angle while replaying or on pause.

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"In the 360-degree video: can this wall stop Putin's tank army in case of emergency? On August 24, 2014, Russian troops crossed the Russian-Ukrainian border east of the city of Mariupol (about 700,000 inhabitants). In less than a week, dozens of Putin's tanks advanced more than 30 kilometres, without the possibility that they could have been stopped by anyone," the comment to the video reads.

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