: War in East brought modern slavery to Ukraine – Walk Free Foundation

15:46 Jun. 2, 2016

War in East brought modern slavery to Ukraine – Walk Free Foundation

Razor wire marks the border between Hungary and Serbia September 7, 2015 in Horgas, Serbia. (Getty Images)

Ukraine occupies 33rd place for the number of slaves, according to the research

In Ukraine, there are over 210,000 slaves. This is according to the Walk Free Foundation, an anti-slavery organization. It claims Ukraine not only occupies 33rd place in Global Slavery Index, but also goes far ahead of the neighboring Poland, Romania and Moldova. 

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The war in eastern Ukraine, where the leaders of the self-proclaimed republics are recruiting children, is among the main reasons of the modern slavery in Ukraine. Russian-backed separatist forces were also reported to make locals work for the so-called ‘punitive forces' as penalty measures even for minor violations of the regime rules in the occupied territories.

As a result of the conflict, a lot of local residents had to look for another place to live. Internally displaced people are a vulnerable category as they often have to take all the work that is offered.

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As reported before, the research conducted by the Australia-based rights group estimated nearly 46 million people to be enslaved worldwide. That is a 28 percent increase from the group's last survey, though it says that is likely due to better data collection and research methods. The group said progress had been made since its last report, with all countries in Asia except North Korea now having laws criminalizing some forms of modern slavery.


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