Weapons scandal in Kyiv: ‘Weapons bunker' scandal: owner blames authorities for robbery and planting a gun
Society13:51 Nov. 9, 2016

‘Weapons bunker' scandal: owner blames authorities for robbery and planting a gun

Scandalous ‘weapons bunker' appeared to be a props warehouse, owner says he was robbed and framed

The owner of the so-called ‘weapons bunker' in Kyiv Hennadiy Konev said that law enforcement officers planted a pistol and stole many items during the search, ‘Ukrainska Pravda' reports.

"Today I've received the record from the search, it is without my signature because I wasn't there, and without the signature of the guard. This report states about Makarov pistol, which does not belong to me and which has never been in stock. It was simply planted," Konev said.

He added that he has his own weapons, with proper permits, but he never had any Makarov pistol. He sees it as law enforcement officers try "to rehabilitate after loud statements about the arsenal of weapons in a bunker."

He added that besides that hundreds of products are missing from the "bunker".

"Judging from the record, many products have just gone. They were just stolen. They took 15 boxes with 30,000 blank cartridges, even the video shows it, and the record says that was one box. The pneumatic revolvers were taken something around 300 pieces, and they wrote in the record about 150 only," Konev stresses.

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The so-called cache of weapons reported by Kyiv law enforcers turned out to be a legal warehouse of deactivated weapons and inert ammunition of Kyiv's online shop Parabellum, where numerous state inspections had been held earlier, UNIAN reports.

"They broke or CCTV cameras. Why do that? We would have shown them anything anyway. They've taken everything away. We have a witness – a guard, who was held at gunpoint. Everything was taken. We did not get a copy of a property seizure protocol, although we asked the prosecutor. BTR (APC) is being checked again, although it has been legally registered for many years," said Konev, according to ‘Ukrainska Pravda'.

Olena Koneva channel in YouTube published a video of the search under the title ‘KORD (Ukrainian analogue of SWAT) is assaulting bunker near Kyiv and destroys cameras.'

The shop employee said all "weapons" stored in the warehouse are deactivated and bear no threat to people.

"All the products have already been checked numerous times, they know it's all been deactivated. According to the law, once cut, they are no longer called weapons – they're just consumer goods. All these models are registered with the Expert-Research Forensic Center at the Interior Ministry. We also have papers on previous searches," said the employee.

As UT reported, on previous week prosecutor's office announced huge cache of weapons, APC found at a private house outside Kyiv.

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