: Wedding at a military hospital
Society17:23 May. 6, 2016

Wedding at a military hospital

Ukrainian soldier who lost his sight didn't lose the love of his life

A wedding at a hospital is not what either of them ever dreamt of. Oleksandr and Olena Darmoros have been together for nearly five years. After Oleksandr lost his eyesight and a part of his leg at the front in eastern Ukraine, they both decided not to waste any more precious time.

Olena didn't want a big wedding with a puffy dress and tons of flowers. Instead, she wants to save every penny for Oleksandr's treatment.

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Her husband sustained serious injuries during one of the missions in the east of the country. He almost lost his life, so now they both cherish every moment.

Oleksandr Darmonos, Ukrainian soldier: "I always thought I couldn't live without her. I honestly didn't think I could love her more, but now I do."

Olena Darmonos, soldier's wife: "I often tell him our love is at a different level now."

After a brief wedding ceremony and somewhat of a reception the couple heads for a walk. Olena practically lives at this hospital. Oleksandr claims his wife's support and love is what keeps him alive.

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Olena says she finds new strength in her love for her husband. Most of the doctors didn't think he could make it through after his injury but she didn't give up.

Olena Darmonos, soldier's wife: "He didn't change at all. I don't even notice that anything changed about his face. I just love him, love him for who he is and I am never going to lose hope that he will see again."

The couple keeps that hope alive while looking for treatment options abroad. Oleksandr has a long way to go when it comes to rehabilitation and Olena says she will be by his side as long as it takes.

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