New business idea: World's most expensive spice now cultivated in Kherson region
Society18:28 Nov. 28, 2016

World's most expensive spice now cultivated in Kherson region

A kilo of saffron costs EUR 1,500 upwards

Locals in Ukraine's Kherson region, the village of Liubymivka, have already collected the first crop of saffron, the world's most expensive spice.

People planted saffron crocus in their gardens because Ukrainian climate is favorable for the plant. What is more interesting, these are the first steps towards establishing a new type of business - growing saffron in Ukraine.

The small delicate flowers of crocus have a blooming season in October-November, the time when nature is preparing for winter.

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Crocus flowers must be collected before sunrise, before the heads open. That's why workers here start their day at 7.

Then, the flowers will be examined and only the most precious part will be taken from them - a stigma which is the saffron itself and then it must be dried.

And here it is, the expensive spice which is added to the most exquisite dish around the globe.

This unusual plant for Ukraine was brought to the Kherson region by a Swedish businessman Johan Boden and his wife Larisa.

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Larysa Boden, a resident of Liubymivka village: I had 3 kilos of crocus bulbs and have collected about 12 grams of saffron. 12 multiply 3 is almost 40-50 dollars.

For her, growing crocus is not only an interesting occupation but also to show Ukrainians that they could work less and earn more. A kilo of dried saffron costs starting from 1,500 euros.

Meanwhile, people think what to do with beautiful flowers after removing stigmas out of them.

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