: Zakarpattya officials present orphans with counterfeit iPhones on Android platform

16:36 Jul. 1, 2016

Zakarpattya officials present orphans with counterfeit iPhones on Android platform

Source: Zakarpattya's Administration website

Origin of software installed on the ‘modern smartphones' remains unknown

Graduates of the Zakarpattya vocational colleges received the counterfeit iPhones as a gift from the local authorities. The solemn ceremony of gadget presentation was organized by the regional Administration on June 21, 2016, local news site mukachevo.net reports.

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Orphans and children who live without parents were among 34 vocational college graduates, who received the sham gadgets resembling iPhone 5s and 5c models.

The mobile phones were confiscated a year and a half ago at the attempt to illegally traffic them on Ukraine's territory, according to Zakarpattya's Administration official press release.

The initiative to hand over the devices to Zakarpattya's region Department of Education and Science was a result of a series of unsuccessful attempts to sell the phones via auctions. The devices were branded as a ‘modern mobile phones'.

The mobile phones were not only a counterfeits of a poor quality, but also had the installed software of unknown origin.

During the ceremony the graduates were advised to cross-flash the devices. One of the student made such an attempt, but was turned backed by several service centers.

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Specialists were not able to help, as the software installed on the mobile phone was distinguished as Android operating system, which at the same time resembled the iOS by the format, but without a possibility to run Google Play services.


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