: Euro 2016 fever sweeps across Ukraine
Sport18:00 Jun. 13, 2016

Euro 2016 fever sweeps across Ukraine

Ukrainian fans gather in Kharkiv for an open-air party to celebrate football

The Euro 2016 Fever is official spreading across Ukraine. Although, the Ukrainian national team lost two nil to the Germans. Fans say the team put up quite a fight causing last night's game to be quite a nail-biter.

In the eastern Ukrainian city of Kharkiv, football fans from around the globe gathered to watch the game in the specifically-designed fan zone.

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"It's hard to describe this feeling, simply hard to describe, the atmosphere is different here, the people here all are cheering for our team, only here."

Donning everything blue and yellow is very important today, and many aren't even afraid to paint their faces like the Ukrainian national flag.

Of course, fans don't hold back during the game - and their enthusiasm seems to be encouraged by each other's reaction.

Despite putting in a good effort, Ukraine lost to the world champions. The Germans have perfected their game, which is almost a classic by now... Ukrainians have yet to master it.

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