Visa scandal: Germany denies visa to Ukrainian Olympic medalist - twice in a row

18:47 Sep. 21, 2016

Germany denies visa to Ukrainian Olympic medalist - twice in a row

Zhan Belenyuk (Photo by social media).jpg

German Embassy says Ukrainian Olympiad is not rich enough and sport is not a reason to get a visa

Silver medalist at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Ukrainian wrestler Zhan Beleniuk twice denied a visa for Germany. This athlete described the incident on his Instagram.

"Before the visa-free regime, we are asked to suffer the next "few weeks" (corresponding to a vote in the European Parliament to be held on the second Sunday of October), but getting this visa for Ukrainians increasingly resembles a protracted quest and often with humiliating result,"- he wrote.

Athlete feels humiliated by the second denial a Schengen visa with absurd explanations.

"The first time the reason indicated that "it is unclear for what means you will stay in Germany"- say, my salary is too low. And for the second time, when applying for a Schengen visa, an official document of refusal stated the following: "The information about the purposes and conditions of the intended stay was not convincing." It looks like you are taking part in competitions with the wrestling club and is not a good enough reason to go there...", Beleniuk says.

"Tomorrow I shall go to appeal, because we never give up!," the athlete concluded.

As UT reported, Commissioner Johannes Hahn earlier declared, that the EU will cancel visas for Ukrainians next month



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