News from Russia: IOC allows Russian athletes to participate in Olympics in Rio de Janeiro
Sport17:27 Jul. 25, 2016

IOC allows Russian athletes to participate in Olympics in Rio de Janeiro

World-Anti-Doping Agency strongly disappointed with IOC decision 

Russian athletes will participate in the upcoming Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

The International Olympic Committee cancelled the ban previously imposed on the whole Russian team in view of doping abuse. Those allowed to perform in Brazil are set to be under severe anti-doping control.

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) already expressed its discontent of the decision, since it annuls the whole bulk of investigation provided. The results unveiled a complicated network of pharmaceutical banned technologies used by Russians to achieve the desired goals. According to WADA, both Russian government and the Federal Security Service (FSB) shielded the process.

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Those having unveiled Russia's forbidden deeds are now to conceal themselves. Yuliya Stepanova - a former Russian runner - has been disqualified for two years because of doping abuse. However, she told the German media the detailed scheme of how Russian sportsmen used banned substances and replace the doping probes afterwards.

The ex-head of Russian anti-doping laboratory Grygoriy Rodchenkov had to emigrate from Russia after having confessed in the criminal deeds. As he had said before, 15 Russians cheated to win the medals during the Winter Olympics 2014 in Russian city of Sochi.

Then came meldonium. Since January 2016 the World-Anti-Doping Agency listed the substance as banned for usage while competitions, since it is considered as an athletic performance enhancer. Numerous sportsmen have been punished so far, among them the world stars.

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Mariya Sharapova, Russian tennis player: "I received the letter from International Tennis Federation. They say I've failed to pass the doping test during the Australian Open Show. I really did, no one else responsible for my failure."

Sharapova has appealed to the court to revise the verdict of the Anti-doping commission, though she will miss the Olympics in Brazil anyway. Thirty more sportsmen are reported to have been detected banned meldonium.

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Although the whole Russia's team was allowed to participate in the Olympics, the International Olympic Committee banned everyone previously blamed on doping of participating in the upcoming Olympic Games.

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