Crime at Olympics: Top Olympic official Patrick Hickey arrested in Brazil (video)
Sport20:28 Aug. 17, 2016

Top Olympic official Patrick Hickey arrested in Brazil (video)

Hickey is suspected of illegal ticket sale, police investigate gang crime

A detective story happened in Rio de Janeiro during Summer Olympic Games. The President of European Olympic Committees and Olympic Committee of Ireland Patrick Hickey was arrested for illegal tickets sale. Mr. Hickey, 71, is suspected of being involved in a scheme to sell tickets for a higher price. At least six more persons could be involved in the plot.

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Patrick Hickey was detained in the hotel. His passport and Olympic ID were seized. As a precaution, police sent Mr. Hickey to a hospital. This is the second arrest, connected with the investigation. Another Irishman,  Kevin James Mallon, was taken into custody on August 5, the Opening day. 700 tickets in envelopes clearly marked for sale were found in a safe with Mr. Mallon. The estimated profit of the alleged scheme exceeds USD 3 million. 

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Patrick Hickey faces charges of facilitating ticket touting, forming a cartel, and illicit marketing. In an interview with Irish broadcaster RTE last week, Mr. Hickey denied any wrongdoing in relation to ticket sales.

One more criminal story still develops in Rio. A couple of days ago four U.S. swimmers claimed they were robbed at a gunpoint just near the entrance to the Olympic village. Sportsmen told that the criminals were disguised as police officers. As a result of the investigation, two of the swimmers were forbidden to leave the country and two, Gunnar Bentz and Jack Conger, were stopped from boarding a plane for questioning. Police say their story does not match the CCTV recordings. 

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