: Ukrainian Anna Ushenina wins European Chess Championship

12:19 Jun. 8, 2016

Ukrainian Anna Ushenina wins European Chess Championship

Anna Ushenina (UNIAN Photo)

Ukrainian female chess players continue to secure victories across the world 

Ukrainian Anna Ushenina won the European Women's Chess Championship that took place in the Romanian town of Mamaia.

The Kharkiv city resident's victory follows a similar triumph demonstrated by another Ukrainian chess player - Odesa-born Nataliya Zhukova - previous year, in the Georgian city of Chakvi.

Ushenina secured her victory in the continental Championship scoring 8.5 out of 11, leaving behind Vega Gutierrez from Spain, and Antoaneta Stefanova from Bulgaria.

Ushenina, 30, is Ukraine's first women's world chess champion as well as Olympic champion, and winner of the team championship of the world and Europe.

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President Poroshenko congratulated Ushenina on her victory on Twitter. 

Ukrainian female chess players continue demonstrating great achievements at the World's and European championships. 

Eight-year-old Ukrainian Veronika Veremyuk won the title of the European Chess Junior Championship held in Croatia, in October, 2015.

Ukraine-born Natalya Buksa won the Youth World Chess Championship held in Russia's town of Khanty-Mansiisk in September 2015.

Ukrainian Mariya Muzychuk won Women's World Chess Championship in April 2015.

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